Sunday, September 02, 2007

5 weeks and counting

We are scheduled for a C-section 5 weeks from tomorrow. As long as Lilly cooperates (I've been having contractions....been to the hospital once and got sent home), we are scheduled on October 8th at 6:00pm. My principal is scheduled for one two hours earlier and my classroom next door neighbor (a 2nd grade teacher) is scheduled 2 days later....crazy! I'm very, very ready for the day to come. The discomfort has definately come. Not to mention, my maternity clothes seem to be the size of pre-pregnancy clothes and the only shoes I can wear are my black Old Navy flip-flops. Fun! With all complaining aside, I am so thankful to be pregnant and to have been able to have this experience. I'm just ready to hold our little girl now.

I've been trying to finish up the nursery this weekend. We still have a few things to do, but it's basically just decorating (I still need a crib dust ruffle, a tea set to go on top of my quilt rack, an area rug for the floor, and some things for the walls. Other than that, I feel like we're ready. We've installed the car seat, diapers are in the diaper basket, she has PLENTY of clothes, and all the details that we're supposed to have prepared (probably some other not so important things as well....since I seem to be OCD!). Now I just need to focus on getting my kiddos at school ready for our sub.

My grandma has made us a baby quilt, a bumper, curtains, and the cutest little burp clothes you've ever seen! Enjoy the pictures!

A close-up of the bumper Grandma made.
The burp clothes Grandma made.

The dresser....I need to jazz up these walls.
Chris said he is jealous....she has a walk-in closet full of clothes, and he only has a little section of ours with a limited wardrobe...poor baby. :)
Can you get enough pink?
Lilly is all packed for the to get Mommy ready!
The quilt Grandma made....I love it!

I think I got fatter since yesterday.
I'm hoping to give the crib a less naked look with a dust ruffle. Pink, green, or white?
Lilly's bookshelf with her pink boombox and some of Mommy's favorite children's books.
The curtains Grandma made.
Sophie said this is her bed.


kate m. said...

A few comments for Minda Jane:

1) The nursery looks GREAT! I vote for a green dust ruffle. She looks like she has a lot of pink already.

2) You look cute and do not look fat. You look like you are all baby!

3) The burp cloths are too cute to clean up spit-up.

4) I LOVE the ultrasound pictures, especially the one of her screaming...just a preview of things to come. : )

5) I LOVE the name Lilly, and I saw on your myspace that her middle name is Jane. Too cute!

6) I had a c-section, too, and I didn't think it was as bad as everybody made it out to be. You better be a little more diligent about posting baby pictures when Miss Lilly makes her arrival!

7) Happy Birthday to you and Chris!

the_sweets said...

Hey lady! You look adorable! I hope I'm that cute someday! I love all the pictures of your classroom, too. :-)

Charis said...

Minda! You finally posted :) I can't believe you are SO close to your due date. Make sure you go see all the movies you want to see, BEFORE she is born (we tried taking Colt to the movies, but he's cried both times and we had to leave :( Your grandma rocks! The nursery is SO cute. And I think Lilly has more clothes in her closet than I have in mine!
P.S. Are you registered anywhere??