Friday, November 30, 2007


I've been tagged by Beth....

1. Name: Minda Jane Williams Ciardi

2. Birthday: August 26, 1980

3. Birthplace: Bellville, Texas

4. Eye Color: blue

5. Hair Color: brownish/reddish...not really sure

6. Height: 5'5"ish

7. Ethnicity: mostly anglo, with a little Native American mixed in (my great-great grandmother)

8. Weakness: Spending money....I think I might have a disease

9. Most missed memory: sleep!

10. Thoughts first waking up: who's turn is it to get up?

11. Last time you cried: first day back to work

12. Song title that currently says how you feel: I have to agree with Beth: that song that says "we don't need no education; hey, teachers, leave us kids alone." Except, I would change it to "Hey, kids, leave us teachers alone!"

13. What is the perfect day for you: Sitting in front of a fireplace while it's snowing outside, drinking hot chocolate, and cuddling with Lilly and Chris all day long

14. Ever been asked for an autograph? I can actually say yes! (When I was in Peter Pan)

15. How do you vent anger? I either cry or gripe to Chris or my mom

16. Who do you talk to most on the phone? My mom and Ashley

17. As a kid, were you a lego builder? No, I played with shoes

18. Do you chew on your straws? Not really

19. Do you sing in the shower? No...I sing all day

20. Who's the last person you stayed up late talking to on the phone to? I don't remember....I have to get sleep when I can, so late night phone conversations are basically out.

21. The last place you went to in a plane? Rochester, New York

22. Do you cry at weddings? Nope!

23. Are you afraid of the dark? If I'm scared I want it to be dark...I don't want to see the bad guy coming towards me

24. What are you addicted to? Dr. Pepper, spending money, cuddling with my daughter

25. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? I used to be only creamy, but now, as a grown-up, I graduated to crunchy

26. Who do you fight with the most? I guess that would have to be Chris, but we never stay mad for long

27. Who can you tell anything to? Chris, Beth, Mom, Ashley, Grandma,

28. Do you recycle? I think about it!

29. Who makes you laugh the most? Chris

30. What is the worst feeling ever? watching those I love cry

31. How many pillows do you sleep with? now that I'm not pregnant anymore, only 2....don't even ask about before!

32. How many rings before you answer your phone? as many as it takes for me to find the stupid thing.

33. How many times do you press the "snooze" button? since the baby is mostly the snooze button....never! If she doesn't get up when I have to get up for work, many, many, many times.

34. How do you sleep? I don't know, I'm asleep!

35. Last time you laughed: yesterday, when Chris made Lilly smile and laugh several times in a row by mimicing her grunting was the cutest thing!

36. Ever looked at someone ugly and said "EWWW"? No, I'm not a mean person :)

37. What is your favorite color? pink!

38. What is your favorite state?'s my home

Now I get to tag someone. How about Kate!

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