Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas in New York

We've been in New York almost 2 weeks now....This is Lilly's first trip out of state, first plane ride, first Christmas, first New Year's, and even more important...the first time to meet her new family (expect for Grandma Sprague who came to see her in Texas)! I've become an obsessive parent when it comes to the's a few for your viewing pleasure!

My first airplane ride...I slept the entire two flights and got compliments from all the other passengers!

Me and Uncle Glenn

Aren't we cute?

Me and Grandpa Norm

My Uncle Dylan

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Doug

I love playing with Uncle Glenn and Uncle Dylan

My Great-Uncle Jim comforts me on Christmas Eve

Me and Daddy on Christmas morning

I love my new lion from Santa!

My uncles love me! (Dylan, Doug, and Glenn)

Mommy, Daddy, and I on Christmas morning

I'm ready for Round 2!

I have the biggest pile of presents...must be 'cause I'm the cutest!

I got a pink camo hat

My Papa and Nana Ciardi got me this fishing hat!

Opening all these presents is exhausting!!!

Maybe I should wake up and check out these presents...

Great-Grandpa Sonny and Great-Grandma Shirley

Papa and Nana Ciardi

Cuddling with Great-Grandpa Sonny

I love my Papa Ciardi

Visiting Papa at work

I love my new teddy bear from Great-Grandma and Grandpa Sprague!

My Grandma with her Mommy and Daddy!

Look at the beautiful blanket my Great-Grandma Sprague made for me!

My aunt Wendy snuck over for a quick cuddle!

Bath time with my cousin Sam and Aunt Tasha

Cousin Sam takes good care of me!

Hangin' out in my new robe!

I love to smile at my cousin Tony!

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Charis said...

Yea! I'm so glad the flight went well. They always tell me that if the mama is calm then the baby will be calm, so good job! :) Glad you had a merry christmas.