Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Six

I saw several other bloggers do a "Friday Five" but I think Saturday will work just as well!

Saturday Six: Favorite Things for New Parents

6. Night Nurse
- Oh wait, we don't have one!

5. Platex Drop-In's Bottles
- So easy to clean!

4. Sound Machine/Hair Dryer
- This was recommended by the doctor on the DVD listed on number 1. The hair dryer actually works best, but I already blew out one hair dryer. With the sound machine, we put in on the "white noise" setting and alseep she goes!

3. The swing
- When Lilly is fighting her sleep, the swing is usually the way to go. BUT--we don't recommend getting a swing (like ours) that is only run on batteries. It's getting expensive!

2. "Swaddle Designs" Swaddle Blanket
- If Lilly is not swaddled, she will wake her self up by hitting herself in the face with her arms or even just moving her arms...she startles herself. Hooray for swaddle blankets!

- After watching the DVD listed below, we searched and searched for the perfect swaddle blanket...most were too small. Then I found this one. Pretty expensive for one blanket, but worth EVERY penny! Lilly did outgrow this one it doesn't go all the way around her. We have found the perfect replacement:

- These blankets are also nice because they're cooler than the Swaddle designs blankets. We love both of them though!

1. "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD
- Lilly would not sleep in her crib, the bassinet, or anywhere...basically just laying on top of one of us. Then my sister recommended this DVD...immediate results! There is a book also, but I've heard that the DVD is sufficient.

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