Sunday, January 25, 2009

Around the House

Getting ready for church...

Lilly and the paparazzi: "Please, no photographs."

Hiding from Daddy

Lilly put these boots on all by herself.

First Girl Scout Cookie

Lilly has a new found love of "art".

Oh, and by the way....the new baby is a girl!


annalee said...

hi there,
nice to hear from you. lilly is adorable!
sorry i am just now getting back to you, but i got the polka-dot chair from pottery barn kids.

kate m. said...

Congratulations on the new baby! I am way behind on blogs obviously. I am so happy for you, and Lilly is a cutie patootie! Keep the posts coming. I don't always have internet where we are staying, but I will be checking in when I do! Love you, Minda!

gj9sprag said...

Well, we know who the next artist is going to be. Keep up the good work, Lilly
Love, Grandma Joyce