Friday, January 02, 2009

A Year in Review: 2008

I'm not just posting a year in review because that's what people do at the New Year...but also because I seem to have negletted my blog for most of the year! And because I've had several people say they're waiting on a new post. So let's play catch-up...I'm going to skip January-May and pick back up in June of 2008.


Well, actually...this is more like a May/June combo. We finished the school year and most importantly, bought our new house! (Well, not so new...but new to us!) One of our favorite parts of the house is the backyard. There's quite a bit of work that we want to do to the house...stay tuned for more info on that! Lilly really likes to spend time outdoors. Lilly begins to get some teeth and enjoys experimenting on lots of new foods! We also love this month because Wade is here!

Lilly gets more teeth!

We ran a Mr. W's Fireworks stand in the ghetto-ist of all Lubbock. We even got broken into one night. But at least Lilly was safe and sound at home with Kay-Kay.

And the best part of the summer was going to visit all of our family in New York.

August was mostly spent relaxing and getting ready for the upcoming school year. Oh, yeah--and learning to walk!

We enjoyed spending our weekends at the park and going to the Lubbock and Abilene fairs. We also got a new big girl car seat!

October brought a one year birthday! We were very excited to have Grandpa and Grandma Ciardi come all the way from New York to help celebrate! And this is the month Mommy finds out she is going to have another baby!

November, of course, was Thanksgiving. I know we took pictures, but they don't seem to be on my computer...hopefully, they are on Chris'.

Well, here we are...just about done. December was possibly the busiest month yet. Mommy had lots of concerts and both Mommy and Daddy had to finish up school work for the semester. But we survived it and really enjoyed Christmas break! We spent Christmas and New Year's in Abilene this year (with a brief return to Lubbock so that Ty and Chris could tile one of our bathrooms). The new baby seems to be growing well. We will find out the sex in about 2 weeks. Enjoy the rest of the pictures, and hopefully I'll be a better blogger in 2009!


Riss said...

So glad you posted again!! First of all, congratulations on expecting another baby! Second, Lilly is beautiful. :) I'm so glad to be able to keep up with your family.

Charis said...

Lilly is so cute and spirited! Glad you posted again and it was good to see you briefly over Xmas!